Elliott and May

A little about Katie, owner of "Elliott and May", and her knitting project.
I have always created things with my hands, from bridal headdresses to ballet costumes. But since becoming a mother, I've been called back to a more organic and grounded state of being. With Elliott's tiny hand in mine, I am now pursuing a slower, more reflective pace of life. 

Transitioning to knitting when Elliott was born, I found I couldn't stop. I knitted everwhere, in the queues to art exhibitions, on the train, during feminist meetings in my friend's front room. It gifted me a pathway to find a sense of creative self again. It is so grounding feeling the yarn passing through your fingers watching an item slowly develop before you. 

All of my yarn is consciously sourced from independent dyers, I have been so supported by a community of women on my creative and parenting journey, it is with great gratitude that I can purchase beautiful hand dyed yarns from women whose ethical values I do celebrate.

I hope my knitted wares will be a place to make wild and precious memories, it has been such a joy dreaming of their future adventures. Some have been knitted sitting on the forest bed whilst others alongside my little one as he sleeps, each has been woven with much love clicking into the rows of stitches. 
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