Serendipity Organics

Serendipity Organics is fashionable natural wear for babies and children.
Their clothes are styled according to Scandinavian design heritage with clean lines and functional, simple features. They believe in an ideal design tradition: we want the child to wear the clothes and not the other way around.

To Serendipity, being organic means ensuring that the clothes they bring to market are both of fashionable and responsible design with regards to:

1) Garments not harmful to human skin.
2) Products produced under environmentally sound and responsible conditions.
3) Human efforts put into the production of their clothes have not compromised the safety or human rights of the people involved.

All of their cotton styles are made of 100% organic cotton yarns that are GOTS and SA 8000 fair trade certified. Their wool collections are based on 70% certified Organic Wool and 30% Silk which provide a deliciously soft quality. The wool is USDA and NASAA certified and the spinning and dying is GOTS certified.

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