Embroidered Romper Suit with Yoke - Taupe - 3m-2y

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This beautiful romper suit is a little art work in itself. A combination of a soft double layered muslin and corduroy cotton fabric with a delicate nature embroidery. It has soft elastics at the wrist cuffs and legs as well as wooden buttons at the back and crotch. For extra comfort it is lined with an additional cotton layer.

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • wooden buttons
  • machine wash at 30°, for long lasting clothing and the environment, please use a soft detergent and air dry.
  • made 100% in Spain

Cotton products:

Cotton is mainly the trichome of the cotton boll which opens up when it is fully ripened and grows in tropical and sub-tropical climate. The cotton Engel uses, is mainly hand-picked, organic and therefore free from pesticides, fertilizer and herbicides. Besides the gentle treatment of nature, a fair cooperation with the producers is guaranteed. Natural cotton is very eudermic and thus especially suits sensitive skin. Besides it is hard-wearing and robust. Textiles from natural cotton are also antistatic, colour-consistent and can be washed in washing machines with high temperatures.

When buying clothes from untreated cotton it is important that you always buy them a little bigger as they shrink about 3 % to 5 %. Customary washing powders containing brighteners, bleach, phosphates, etc. are not advisable as colours fade more quickly, textiles are strained and sewage are polluted with chemicals.

Care instructions for Cotton

Clothes from cotton are machine washable. Please do not use any detergent with bleaching or brightening effects.

Pay attention to care labels on each product. Here are explanation of the most common symbols which can be found on our prdocts



Machine wash


Delicate machine wash


Special delicate machine wash


Hand wash

The numbers in the tub indicate the maximum washing temperature, which should not be exceeded. The line underneath the tub requires a (mechanically) softer treatment (delicate wash) and marks washing cycles suitable for wash-and-wear and mechanically delicate articles. A double line indicates washing cycles with a more minimized mechanic, e.g. for wool.




Hot iron


Medium hot iron


Do not hot iron! Be careful when steam ironing


Do not iron

The points in the iron indicate the levels of temperature of the respective iron.


Tumble Drying


Drying with normal thermal load


Drying with reduced thermal load


Do not tumble dry

The points stand for the drying level of the tumble dryer.




Chlorine and oxygen bleach admissible


Non-chlorine bleach only


Do not bleach


Dry Clean


Do not Dry Clean


Do not wet clean


The letters are for chemical dry clean and indicate which active solvents can be used. The beam underneath the circle stands for a reduced mechanical treatment, addition of moisture and/or temperature when dry cleaning.


This symbol marks articles which can be wet cleaned. Normally it is in the second line under the symbol for chemical dry cleaning. The beam underneath the circle indicates a reduced mechanical treatment. (see washing).


An inspiring mix of passion for art and maternal instinct came together and created Popelin in 2013. Inspired by her children Cristina Sanchez created a collection which is 100% made in Spain from textiles all the way to manufacturing.

Each collection is unique and vintage inspired. They're creating childrens clothing which are suitable for modern day living. Each of their designs is handled as an art work with an eye for detail creating unique colour combinaitions, textures and natural feel good textiles. We ensure that all garments are made using natural textiles such as cotton and linen.

Popelin, are comitted to human rights and against child labour. They are ture to fair trade and sustainable production and it is for this reason that their textiles and manufacturing process are 100% Spanish.


Toutes les mesures sont en cm:

Taille a - hauteur b-poitrine c-taille d-hips
 3-6m 62 44 40


6-9m 68 46 42


9-12m 74 48 44


12-18m 80 50 46


18-24m 86 52 48


Popelin size chart
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