Organic Boiled Wool Overall - Assorted Colours - 0m-4y

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Beautiful natural and soft overall made of organic boiled wool from head to toe. The big hood, the roll-ups on the arms and legs, the great fit, the lovely big Tagua nut buttons: all these details help to make their boiled wool overall a really special addition to baby’s wardrobe. Air woven into the fulled wool regulates temperature and humidity like no other fabric.

The high lanolin content in their wool envelops every single fibre, making the overall wind and water resistant. The inside is lined with an especially finely woven organic cotton.

  • 100% organic Merino wool
  • organic merino wool kbT
  • lining: 100% organic cotton kbA
  • GOTS certified
  • IVN certified
  • mulesing free
  • breathable merino wool
  • Foldable cuffs
  • large tagua nut buttons
  • Handwash only. Merino wool has a self cleaning ability so you need to wash less often - airing can be all you need. Handwash using mild wool detergent to protect the fibres. Dry flat.
  • wool originates from Argentina
  • Made in Germany

Merino wool has also been proven to absorb UV across the whole range of the spectrum, giving excellent lightweight sun protection in the summer too.

Since more than 30 years Disana have always had fun and pleasure working with pure, natural fibres. Together with their dedication, they have been producing beautiful baby & children clothings of the highest quality that meet ecological standards. 

They believe in pure, unspoiled nature right from the moment they select their raw materials. Only organic cotton and organic pure new Merino wool which has been independently inspected and certified is used for Disana products.

They are not only concerned about avoiding contaminants in the fibres; people’s living conditions and environmental protection in the countries where they are cultivated are also important criteria they bear equal responsibility for, as well as all connecting links in the production chain.

Taille et âge
Taille Convient Toujours Estimation de l'âge
50/56 58 cm jusqu'à 3 mois
62/68 70 cm jusqu'à 6 mois
74/80 82 cm jusqu'à 12 mois
86/92 94 cm jusqu'à 24 mois
98/104 106 cm jusqu'à 3-4 ans
110/116 118 cm jusqu'à 5-6 ans
122/128 130 cm jusqu'à 7-8 ans
134/140 142 cm jusqu'à 9-10 ans
146/152 154 cm jusqu'à 11-12 ans
 156/164 166 cm jusqu'à 13-14 ans
disana size chart

Les spécifications de taille de Disana sont basées sur la taille de l'enfant et non sur son âge.
Cela signifie que la pièce préférée de Disana s'adapte également lorsque l'épilation à la cire est nécessaire et que quelques centimètres sont ajoutés.
Vous savez probablement quel âge a votre enfant actuellement. Cependant, cela ne dit pas grand-chose sur la taille qui convient.

Nous vous recommandons donc de mesurer la taille !

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