Mother Earth Candle

Mother Earth Candle

This is a lovely project to do with your little ones. Especially for Earth Day, we brought a little bit of soil into our living room.

Here is what you need,

- flower pot or pail, - soil or sand, - stick, - candle wick, - beeswax (you can buy beeswax or melt old candles)

Fill a flower pot with soil or sand

Use a round object such as a small ball and press it down into the soil to get an imprint


It will need some feed to stand on, use a little stick and press 3 or 4 feet into the bottom part of the imprint


Cut a piece of candle wick, long enough so you can tie it around a stick and let it hang down into the middle of the candle


Place the beeswax into a pot and melt it on the stove - you can add some essential oils to the wax if you like.


Fill the liquid wax into the mold


Let it set & cool down for a couple of hours


Gently pull on the stick or candle wick and pull our the the candle. If it's a little sturck wriggle the pot a little bit. Remove the excess soil and "Tada" the candle is ready.


If the feet are not the same length just use a knife to cut them to the same length.

We love these candles, the light is very warm and the beeswax smell's wonderful.

My kids 8 & 6 years old do all the steps by themselfes, it's a great project for them to work independently, I just help out a little if needed. Please note that children using a stove and/or hot beeswax need to be guided buy their parents all the time. Please do not leave them unattended.

I hope you will love them as much as we do.

Happy Earth Day!!

From Arbre Bleu & Family

Sylvie Stulz

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