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as you can imagine, I am a big fan of the Serendipity Organics brand. Not only for the obvious reasons like their beautiful colours and pattern choices, that I fall in love with every time I see their new collections, which makes it really hard to select only a few clothes.

vêtements en coton bio pour bébés par Serendipity Organics, Arbre Bleu
I also like them for their ethical work and the high quality of their clothes. They mainly use organic cotton, which is wonderfully soft and durable. My kids are wearing their garments for several years in a row, I usually buy them slightly bigger and so I can reuse them the next season, when they don’t fit anymore I can still hand them over to friends and family as the quality is still good without any tear holes.

Their alpaca & llama wool, is the softest I have found so far, I am even wearing one of their sweaters right now and I simply can’t stop touching the wool. They’re really magical fibres and to put some rumours to rest, baby alpaca wool isn’t from a baby alpaca ;-), in fact alpaca wool is divided into four categories of quality, the finest and softest selection is called « baby Alpaca ».

Serendipity Organics pull alpaga pour enfants, boutique arbre bleuvêtements enfants et bébés en laine d'alpaga

My son wears their shirts and shorts during the summer, which have been great for him as they protect him from the sun, with their long sleeves and they’re airy enough so he doesn’t get hot. He get’s hot easily.
Their pants/shorts have a nice roomy cut and they offer enough space for movement, they have a soft wide waistband. I personally prefer pants with simple soft wide waistbands without restricting them or pulling on their soft lovely little bellies. I try to avoid big buttons, zips and tight waistbands, as my kids move a lot in their play, they try to climb all kinds of stuff and they’re also a lot on the floor building, painting etc.

My daughter's favourites are the easy pull on or wrap around dresses, they have a roomy cut and are easy to put on when they’re in a hurry, without tearing them. She is always the last one to join us when we’re leaving or going somewhere. We usually give her enough time and several notices to get ready …but she has her own little clock and likes to be as independent as possible. So very often she puts on her garments in a hurry and if she doesn’t pay attention or is still wet, from a bath or shower, she quickly tears clothes and gets frustrated. The best solution for her has been so far to give her clothes which are not tight and without too many extras such as buttons, press studs, zips.
Here again the pants/shorts with a simple soft waistband are the best solution.

vêtements en coton bio pour enfants par Serendipity Organics, Arbre Bleu
At last, I would like to mention that I prefer to work with small business rather than with big companies as you build a more personal relationship and if there’re any problems you’re most like to talk to the same person every time. You meet them at the trade shows and they tell you about their values, they care about where their products come from, how they are made and who made them.
They really care about their customers too, which is simply fantastic. Last winter I had a customer who bought an alpaca vest, there was a little problem with a seam that had come apart, I called Serendipity Organics, they had someone at their facility that repaired it quickly, it was back with the happy customer in no time. That’s a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

These are some of the reasons why I like Serendipity Organics, surely I have forgotten one or the other, but I hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know if you have any questions.

At the end I would like to share a part of their philosophy with you,

A genuine passion for the soft feel and high quality of natural fibres and materials, as well as a general care for our children and environment, is at the heart of Serendipity Organic. We engage in designing and producing  sustainable products, supporting the people and nature around us.

plante de coton
We love beautiful textiles and this is the reason we custom design. All colours are carefully coordinated and chosen for each season. Every print is hand drawn by us. All our woven fabric is composed down to the last details of colour thread count  and density.

We value long-term relationships with our suppliers, as well as 100% respect for human rights for all the people, that put an effort into bringing our quality garments to you.
Our cotton garments are produced in India, and are certified GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard), from the cotton fields all the way through the processes of spinning, dying, weaving, knitting and stitching.

plante de coton pour vêtements coton bio
Our Llama and baby alpaca wool qualities are hand knitted or semi- hand knitted with care in small Bolivian home collectives, bringing warm and lovely garments to you.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like further information about their garments, values etc.

Sylvie Stulz

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